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How I made my term video

In the past few months, I have been exploring the concept of social networks, why people form and join social networks, what motivates them, and how networks are formed? This was the main focus of the Managing Communication in Networks course that I am taking as a part my Masters in Communications and Technology at the University of Alberta. The main focus of the course is on Charles Kadushin’s book “Understanding Social Networks: Theories, Concepts, and Findings”. In addition to this, I was also exposed to numerous academic journals, articles, and videos about the topic. As a part of the course, my term project was to take a closer look at one of the theories that I learned and to create a short video with my thoughts about it.  I have decided to explore the “Psychological Foundations of Social Networks” chapter, as I like learning about the motivations of human behaviour.  My final video is available to be viewed below, however I want to share the steps I took in order to create this video.

  1. To manage my time better, I started by reading out loud one of my previous papers to see how long it took me. I discovered that in order to create a video of about five minutes, I had to write a 1.5 single-spaced paper.
  2. I wrote the paper and made sure it contained the main components of the assignment: summary and highlights of the reading, as well as questions I found engaging or problematic.
  3. I recorded my voice using the iPhone voice recorder.  I found it much easier to record 2-3 sentences at once, then the whole paragraph.
  4. I then added my narrated pieces into the Windows Movie Maker program, thus creating a new project.
  5. After that, I searched for images online that would resonate with my paper. Once I had the photos, I added them into the video.
  6. In places where I was quoting the author, I wrote the quotes for the viewer to see.
  7. When all the voices, pictures and quotes were in place I began to add animations, which were already programmed into the Windows Movie Maker.
  8. When the video was complete, I reviewed it to make sure there were no spelling mistakes and all animations worked well.
  9. Last but not least, I uploaded in on YouTube for you to enjoy!

I hope you found my steps easy to navigate and you will use them for your personal video projects. If you think that you know a more convenient way of created a narrated video, please let me know below.