What I’ve learned about my social network channels

Three months ago I thought I was a social media pro. I was sure that I had nailed it down and that there was not much I could add to what I already knew and experienced in social media practice. But oh boy! I realized I was far from experiencing it all when I read the descriptions and assignments of my winter term course Managing Communications Networks as part of my Masters in Communications and Technology at the University of Alberta. In addition to our regular weekly reading and online discussions with my class mates, I was also challenged to enhance and develop my existing social network. The main task was to apply what we read and talked about on a weekly basis to our existing networks.

Integrating my messages throughout my social networks, my favourite social media program, HootSuite, was extremely useful. HootSuite allowed me to program my messages ahead of time, manage my social networks, and find the information I needed on social networks using key words. HootSuite took the timing weight from me and I was focused more on looking after and analyzing how my networks developed, and what social media channels were strong or weak.

Here is the summary of my findings based on my network:

blog table 2


One thought on “What I’ve learned about my social network channels

  1. Hi Yulia. Your comment about programming your messages and the fact that it removed some of the attachment you felt to them struck a note with me. I completely agree that there is another level of detachment when you’re programming things to happen at a specific time. When I did that, I also felt like, in a way, I was letting down my followers because it turned the experience into a pre-programmed, robotic experience, rather than something that I was fully involved in. My two cents.

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